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Ministry To Children


Children’s ministry is a vital part of NGBC and we hope that the Lord would draw you to New Georgia for you and your children to be ministered to and to participate in serving in ministry as well. 


We view ministry to children, not as a baby sitting service that allows your children to be “taken care of” while you go and listen to s sermon. We seek to minister to the whole family. The preschool ministry is a vibrant ministry with teachers who take care to teach children the foundational truths that they need to become Children of God, honoring Him in all things.


Children's Chapel

The elementary aged children actually join you in worship on Sunday mornings until a time in the service where they are dismissed. At this time a group of four adults will lead the children across buildings to the Children’s Chapel to hear the same sermon text that the Pastor brings, only in a way that is easier for kids to understand. Our kids also see a fun mission video each week that teaches them about how the gospel is being spread throughout the world and how they too can be a part.


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