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03.04 Pastor Keith’s brother, Joe, heart cath 03.04. 03.13 Stint surgery went well.

03.18 moved to a regular room from CCU, chest tubes will be removed today. Piedmont, Atlanta



02.26 Opal Adair heart valve replacement surgery on 03.12 went well. She is home.

03.04 Submitted by Joyce Newman: Mike - continuing health issues from November. 03.11 Laya

Gibbs, neighbor’s daughter, surgery Thurs., Apr. 2 for an immune disease.

02.25 Submitted by Edie Streetman: Her brother, Eric McDaniel, got his hand caught in a machine at

work. It required 60+ stitches and he lost the tip of his index finger. He will have to have surgery but she

currently has no details regarding that.

02.25 Submitted by Connie Grinstead: Her mother, Joyce Judd, fell over the weekend and fractured

C4-7 vertebrae in her neck. She is in a high collar until she sees the neurologist again in 4 weeks.

03.03 Mrs. Judd is doing ok, but the brace is really restricting and she has to have a lot of help. This will

be a long recovery.

02.24 Submitted by Teresa Clinton: Marvin’s mom, Nell Harrison, age 90, pneumonia / heart issues.

02.24 Anonymous Prayer Request Card 02.23: for my children who have drifted from The Lord,

alcohol, drugs, false worship and more.

02.04 Submitted by Pam Hilderbrand: Barry’s brother, Perry, surgery 02.05 for 2 tumors found on the

brain. 02.07 They removed 2 tumors from the left frontal lobe of his brain. These were sent to pathology

to determine the type of tumor, what caused the tumor and why they formed. Praise: They don't believe

there are any other masses in the body and believe they were able to remove these 2 completely.

02.26 Doctor indicated that these tumors will return, they are slow growing and it could be a couple of

years before they may even be detected. He will have radiation treatment.

02.04 Submitted by Pam Hilderbrand: Jack Taffe (age 20), is the son of a friend of Pam’s who is

recovering from surgery for an intestinal blockage and he doesn’t have a small intestine.


Deaths: None Reported

Births: None Reported

Last Updated: 3.18.2020

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