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Fresh Vibe

Ministry To Youth


In-tune, Intense, and Intentional best describes the goal of the ministry to students at NGBC.  The ministry staff strives for these things but the students are also challenged in being...


In-tune-with God's word, striving to know Him through His amazing truth

Intense-in passion for Him and His beautiful gift of Salvation

Intentional-in commitment to live this amazing promised love in front of everyone


The youth ministry is a vital part of NGBC and we hope that the Lord would draw you to New Georgia for you and your pre-teens and teenagers to be ministered to and to participate in serving in ministry as well. The youth group not only meets for powerful and energetic bible studies, but also goes on beach trips and winter trips for fellowship, participates in mission trips to assist those in need, and various other local activities throughout the year.


Weekly Schedule:


Sunday School @ 9:30am

Worship Service @ 10:45am

Wednesday Night @ 7pm: Fresh Vibe (Bible study)






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