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Our Church History


The time was July 18, 1873 when a group of 13 came together to create and constitute the Baptist Church of Christ at New Georgia with the promise of God that "on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." [Matt. 16:18 NKJV].  For the next one hundred and thirty years, that small body grew into a large and involved force in the community. 



On March 14, 1874, the initial congregation met for the first time in a new church house and by June 30, 1877 was appointing a committee to build a new building for the growing body of Christ.  On July 21, 1883, the church began acquiring more property to expand with the gift of 3 acres from Joseph and George Fuller.



On March 13, 1913 the church building was blown away by a tornado, only for a conference to be held 4 days later with the New Georgia Baptist Church body voting to rebuild at once with the resolve and determination of their founders.  The first Sunday School was organized in September of 1917 while the new building was being built.  In January 5, 1918 the new building was finished and paid for leaving only $11.60 remaining in the treasury.



As the church was reborn, it assisted the community by housing the New Georgia School until the construction of the school building was completed.  The first church training union was organized on December 31, 1938.  In 1948, the church was brick veneered and the stained glass windows were installed.  One acre of land was purchased for $75 for the church cemetery.  Vacation Bible School and the WMU [women's missionary union] began within the next two years.  In May of 1955 the church officially went "full time", holding services on Sunday morning and Sunday night.  For the next 15 years, the church concentrated on the addition of the pastor's office, kitchen, and Sunday school rooms.  On February 1, 1970 the baptistry was completed and dedicated allowing for baptisms in the building rather than across the street in the outdoor baptistry.  The first full time Pastor began in July of 1971 and led the congregation to their 100th anniversary in July of 1973.  In December of 1980, the Together We Build program began for the construction of a new sanctuary.  Two years later on May 2, 1982, the first service was held in that new building with the older building converted to educational space.



The church was tested once again as the educational building was destroyed by fire on February 8, 1987.  Proving their determination once again, the new educational building was completed by May 1, 1988 and all expenses were paid by June 6, 1993 making the church debt free.



On May 14, 1997, the church purchased 35 acres at a cost of $170,700.00 and paid it with the proceeds of the sale of the pastorium and acreage, once again making the church debt free as the planning of new expansion began so as to better serve the growing community.  In 2004 the once little church that now sits on the corner of Mulberry Rock and Highway 61 began the campaign for a new building project, "...for such a time as this" began because they knew that God had organized all these events for the past one hundred and thirty years to lead to these times.  God definitely had a plan.  The newest building was erected and services began to be held in late October of 2006.  God has added to New Georgia as well as taken many home to be with Him.  Above all things, God is central to all that happens here.  His word is the rock upon which NGBC stands and His cross is the message.  A neat story dates back many years ago when the building that faces Mulberry Rock was built.  Someone placed a cross in the foundation so that from the pulpit whoever was preaching would be standing on the cross.  In light of that knowledge and determined to continue in that one tradition for sure, underneath the newest pulpit lies a Bible, hand written Scripture, and a cross signifying that Christ is at the center of all that happens at New Georgia Baptist Church.


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